Working Groups

Acting under the guidance of the Steering Committee, the Working Groups (WGs) contribute to the achievement of the ETIP-DG’s objectives by collecting and developing stakeholders’ inputs from the respective sectors.

Participation to the activities of the Working Groups is free and on a voluntary basis. Members are informed about the activities of the ETIP-DG and are invited to contribute to the drafting of the Strategic Research Agenda and the Technology Roadmap.

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Reducing exploration costs, developing new techniques, improving exploration of geothermal resources to decrease the geological risk.
Reducing costs with novel drilling concepts and improvements to current drilling technology, optimising the economics of drilling operations.
Increasing reservoir performance, developing new materials and equipments to optimize the efficiency and decrease costs.
Improving the overall conversion efficiency, addressing the needs for flexibility in the integrated energy system.
Improving the RD&I framework, supporting market deployment, promoting social and environmental sustainability.
The Working Group on Environment is a sub-group of the Non-Technical WG and works on technological and non-technical challenges related to environmental issues.