Designing the future of geothermal energy. Renewable, secure, clean, versatile, distributed, reliable: the energy future that we imagine is solidly grounded on geothermal energy.

This fact sheet newly released by the ETIP-DG illustrates the “Vision” of the platform for the future of deep geothermal.

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The ETIP-DG Annual Conference 2018 will take place on Tuesday 19th June, in Brussels, Belgium. This full day event will present and assess the work carried out by the platform so far and further its work for the development of the Strategic Research Agenda.

Environmental Working Group

The following day, on Wednesday 20th June, the first meeting of the Environmental Working Group (cross-sectional sub-group of the Non-Technical WG) will take place. The working group will focus on technological and non-technical challenges related to environmental issues and RD&I activities.

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In the birthplace of geothermal energy (Pisa, Italy), the European Technology & Innovation Platform on Deep Geothermal (ETIP-DG) has presented its “Vision for Deep Geothermal” to look at future development of deep geothermal energy and highlight the great potential of untapped geothermal resources across Europe.

Meeting this week in Tuscany, a region where geothermal already employs nearly 10,000 people and provides clean and reliable energy to thousands more, helping reduce dependency from fossil fuels imports, the ETIP-DG releases its Vision document and launches works on its Strategic Research Agenda.

“Our Vision is that by 2050 geothermal energy can cover a significant part of domestic heat and electricity demand,” said Ruggero Bertani, Chairman of the ETIP-DG. “As a local and stable source of renewable energy, geothermal will be crucial in the future energy system, providing power, heat and thermal storage.”

The publication highlights how the success of the energy transition entails designing optimal scenarios in terms of costs and affordability for the customers and the citizens, while guaranteeing energy comfort. The Vision is designed to trigger a debate about how best to achieve a future for geothermal energy in Europe that is secure, affordable and carbon free, and which has the least impact on nature. It puts forward ten key messages (see below), which include growth, a focus on resource potential, sustainability, cogeneration and hybridisation, without forgetting the social dimension.

In the upcoming months, the Strategic Research Agenda and Roadmap documents will outline the research priorities to develop between now and 2050 if this Vision is to be achieved.

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Vision for Deep Geothermal: Key Messages

The 6th Stakeholders Meetings will take place on Tuesday 27th and Thursday 29th March 2018 in Italy, in conjunction with the DESCRAMBLE final conference and the GEMex informative event. These meetings are fundamental for the definition of the Strategic Research Agenda, one of the pillars of the work of the ETIP. During the meetings we will define RD&I priorities for deep geothermal in the upcoming years, with a focus on vision, problems, aims & challenges. We will also assign a responsible person per item, a contribution which will be credited and recognised at the presentation of the document. Please note the schedule of the working groups meetings you would like to attend:


WG Sessions on Exploration & Deep Drilling

When: 27th March | Where: Pisa, Italy – CNR Research Area

The Exploration and the Deep Drilling groups will meet on Tuesday 27th March in Pisa, Italy. More information about the meeting are available here.

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Registration is open to members of the ETIP-DG. To join the ETIP-DG, sign up here.

Plenary + WG Sessions on Production, Surface, & Non-Technical

When: 29th March | Where: Florence, Italy – GE Training Centre

The working groups Production, Surface, and Non-technical will meet on Thursday 29th March in Florence, Italy. More information about the meeting are available here.

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Registration is open to members of the ETIP-DG. To join the ETIP-DG, sign up here.

Shuttle bus Pisa-Florence

Please know that a shuttle bus service can take you from Pisa to Florence on Thursday 29th in time for the meeting. If you would like to use the shuttle service, you need to register here.

For hotels in Pisa, here you can find information compiled by CNR on hotels and other sites.
For hotels in Florence, the closest hotel with respect to the venue is the Nil hotel.

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