The ETIP-DG (European Technology & Innovation Platform on Deep Geothermal) is an open stakeholder group, endorsed by the European Commission under the Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan), with the overarching objective to enable deep geothermal technology to proliferate and reach its full potential everywhere in Europe.

The primary objective is overall cost reduction, including social, environmental, and technological costs.

The ETIP-DG brings together representatives from industry, academia, research centres, and sectoral associations, covering the entire deep geothermal energy exploration, production, and utilization value chain.

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Working Groups


Reducing exploration costs, developing new techniques, improving exploration of geothermal resources to decrease the geological risk.

Deep drilling

Reducing costs with novel drilling concepts and improvements to current drilling technology, optimising the economics of drilling operations.

Production Technologies

Increasing reservoir performance, developing new materials and equipments to optimize the efficiency and decrease costs.

Surface systems/Generation

Improving the overall conversion efficiency, addressing the needs for flexibility in the integrated energy system.


Improving the RD&I framework, supporting market deployment, promoting social and environmental sustainability.